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Lake Eacham Open Water Swim (Mudcrab members only) – Sunday 16 February 2020

16th February 2020
Lake Eacham
Registration - No charge

All Mudcrab members are invited for a leisurely swim across Lake Eacham on Sunday, 16February 2020

Mudcrabs have long been swimming the breadth of Lake Eacham and it is from members feedback that we have decided to make it an annual open water swim for members only.

The distance is approximately 1.5km. This is a social swim and therefore fins, wetsuits and any other swimming aids welcome.  There will be no timekeeping but water safety will be on hand.  Swimmers will commence in waves depending upon ability and all swimmers will re-group on the opposite bank before embarking on the return leg.

Members are encouraged to stay after the swim for morning tea lakeside.  Club will supply tea, coffee.  Members are asked to bring a plate to share.

Members who are interested in trying open water swimming but would like more details are encouraged to discuss with any of the Coaches on deck either Tuesday at Woree (6pm) or Sunday at Gordonvale (9:15am).

If you are not already a Mudcrab member but interested in joining, please see our Membership & Contact page for options.