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Coaching Corner #1 2015

Posted On 16 Jan 2015

Coaching Corner


Welcome back everyone. I hope you had a restful and enjoyable Christmas break. If you managed to get a few swims in over the break – great, if not, don’t worry, your Muddies coaches will get you back on track.



Last year we asked for feedback on the training session so we can try to cater for everyone’s needs and help inform our coaching. Thank you to the 19 members who responded. Of these:

  • 16 prefer sessions with a coach on deck.
  • The majority try to attend both sessions most weeks.
  • The main reasons for attending the session were for fitness, stroke correction, open water swimming and swim meet preparation

So based on this feedback, we will continue to have our qualified coaches on deck at both Tuesday and Sunday session (Lyza, Theresa, Helen, Cheryl, Jan and myself) with Sam and Nick assisting to accrue their coaching hours. A roster has been put together for the next few months with the State Titles in March being a focus. This roster will be distributed to members with who is coaching and a brief outline of the session goals. Over the next few weeks, please remind yourself of correct lane etiquette (see below) so we can all get the most out of our sessions in a fun and friendly environment.


Helen will be conducting a 15minute dry land session on Sunday 18th and 25th January before the swim session. Helen will be sharing her extensive knowledge of sports physio to help us improve our swimming and prevent injuries. I strongly encourage you to attend these sessions. (sportsphysiofnq blog)



Need a little push to get to the pool some Tuesday and Sundays? The coaches will be recording attendance at both Tuesday and Sunday sessions and the person attends the most sessions in both January and February will receive a pool pass for either the Woree or Gordonvale pool. Remember, if you want to see an improvement in your swimming, then 3-4 sessions/week is recommended. We understand some members cannot attend all the session, so to be fair, the focus for the pool passes will change to something else in March.


Underwater camera……

We are in the process of purchasing an underwater camera specifically designed to help coaches assist swimmers improve their stroke. This camera relays your live underwater stroke to a monitor so the coach can analyse it. The vision can be recorded so the swimmer can review it too. The camera is coming from the UK so it may take a few weeks to get here. A huge thanks to the Mudcrabs committee for approving the purchase of this. I’m sure it will be well used and worthwhile.