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Posted On 11 Dec 2014

OWS – 13th December– This swim will be held at LAKE BARRINE ( NOT Lake Eacham). Three distances: 500m, 1.5k and 3k. Registration opens for all distances at 1.15pm with 500m briefing at 1.45pm , 2pm swim start. Briefing for the remaining distances is 2.15pm with 2.30pm start.

The Tea House closes at 4pm but will serve coffees etc. after that time providing they are pre-ordered– therefore please order at registration if you wish to take up this kind offer.

Please use the top car park and the public toilets for changing and not the ones in the Tea House.

Whilst the weather is good at the moment please check this website on Saturday morning — if inclement weather is forecast for the Lake ( i.e. storms)  a cancellation notice will be given at 9am.